Areas of Expertise

Helping you sort through and overcome many different aspects of your life.

Mental Health

Stress, anxiety and/or depression can disrupt one’s life. Psychotherapy can help you to find healthy ways to manage these issues, while helping you better understand the core reasons behind why you experience them.


Having more satisfying and healthy personal relationships leads to a better and more balanced lifestyle. Let’s look at your behaviors and see what common factors can be addressed and worked upon.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse survivors can benefit from therapy to help move past their traumatic experiences, learn how to cope with emotional trauma, as well as a focus on safety.

Parenting and Postpartum

Pregnancy, motherhood and parenting can be overwhelming. Having a baby leads to profound changes in a woman’s life that often triggers a wide range of feelings and responses. Learn healthy ways to manage daily stressors with parenting and pregnancy.


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