Domestic Violence

Working with current and past traumas to help heal.

Rebuilding From Pain

Women who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic violence can benefit from therapy to help move past their traumatic experiences, learn how to cope with emotional trauma, as well as a focus on safety.

Some women may need help staying safe, while another may be ready to explore feeling safe in a new relationship. Counseling can be a powerful tool for helping survivors of domestic violence feel safe and heal while learning how to cope with the emotional trauma that’s often left behind even after they’ve left an abusive relationship. For women who are currently in an abusive environment therapy can help you to build up your self-esteem, recognize abuse, and understand the patterns of abuse in your relationship. By confronting these patterns with honesty, you can learn how to break them. I strive to provide a safe place for you to voice these feelings without the fear of being judged.


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